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Agnes Poetry - a name chosen as a tribute to their mother, this sibling trio was originally formed under the name Yavannah in 1989 by singer/songwriter Rannoch Purcell and keyboardist/programmer Randon Purcell. Originally a duo, the band experimented with drummers and guitarists, but couldn't catch the sound they wanted with the other musicians. In 1991 the two brothers dispensed with the guitars and drums, purchased a drum machine, several synthesizers, and a midi sequencing workstation. It was then that they recruited their sister Ranita Purcell to sing backing vocals and began writing under the name Agnes Poetry.

The new combination was exactly what they were looking for. In 1993 the trio moved to Provo, Utah to begin playing live shows. Their first hit, Leaving found it's way to X-96 radio's "Local's Only" show. Leaving quickly earned the spot of "most requested song" on the program, and built the band a large local following. In January of 1994 Agnes Poetry started in the studio on their first album project.

Unrest, Agnes Poetry's debut album, was released in April of 1994, and was an immediate success in the Utah locals scene. In May of 1994, X-96 began giving Agnes Poetry prime time rotation, and the singles Unrest and My Reward climbed to the top of the station's charts. Several months of touring coupled with heavy radio air play made Agnes Poetry a huge success in Salt Lake City, and brought them widespread recognition as one of Utah's most prominent bands.

Only one year later, Agnes Poetry released the Once Upon the Weather CD-Single, followed three months later by their second album, Forgotten. Again, heavy touring and radio play helped maintain their status in the local scene, and made Forgotten another hit among their fans.

During the next two years Agnes Poetry began incorporating distortions, heavy sampling, and guitar into their music. In the fall of 1997, Agnes Poetry returned to the studio and put their new sound down to tape. In November of the same year, they released the CD-Single Drown. The enthusiastic response to the "new" Agnes Poetry drove the band back to the studio in the spring of 1998 for a full album project.

Recording the new songs proved more of a challenge than past projects. Live strings, bass, and piano were recorded for several tracks, something which had never been done in the past, and new production techniques were constantly being experimented with to achieve the vision the band had for each song. Five months later, the album was finished.

In September of 1998 Agnes Poetry released Leave the Light On, their third full-length album. The title track was aired on X-96's new music program where it was voted "best new song" for several weeks straight. Leave the Light On became an immediate success, acknowledged by the band and their listeners alike as Agnes Poetry at their best.

In 1999 the band released the limited edition single I'd Hide Away. The release was limited to 75 numbered copies as an exclusive. The amount of orders were overwhelming as did not set the 75 limit in their database. Over 500 were ordered by fans the first day. I'd Hide Away acheived the #1 sales ranking in the Popular Music catagory of their website for that day. Once was aware of the problem they cancelled all the orders placed for the Limited Edition CD. A few days later again released the Limited Edition CD, this time with the correct amount in their database and the CD's were shipped off to the lucky fans who had to re-place their orders with the online retailer.

In 2000 Agnes Poetry re-located to Burbank California with hopes of building a wider fan base and to be in a location to catch the eye of a record label. That same year the band released Unforgotten, a 2 CD anthology containing all material released on Agnes Poetry's first 2 albums and singles, as well as Upside Down [Right Side Up Mix] from the I'd Hide Away LCD-Single.

Ranita announced her plans to leave the band in 2001 to pursue an art career and to spend more time with her children. Rannoch and Randon continue writing music together under their new band ADOM9.

As a musical force, Agnes Poetry are strongly renowned for the magic and emotion conveyed in their music. Fans from all over the world repeatedly comment that Agnes Poetry's music "gets you hooked right from the start". This fact is more evident considering that during the years 1994-2001 the band had independently sold over 18,000 albums and 7,000 singles worldwide, without any support from a record label.

This success was also attributed to Agnes Poetry's live performance. Onstage the band's energy and emotion are driven home to the hearts of their fans, leaving hundreds of listeners entranced after each performance.

Listen to their music and message, and discover what thousands of others around the world have come to love and enjoy.

"Here there's music, and it's magic.
Where the night sounds harmonize.
Here the druid sleep has lost us
Where the enchanted world lies."

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